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Creating modern sphere with aquarium plants

Here I would like to describe as another way we can use the aquarium plants. We need only to this: a glass vessel, some water, balls fertilizer and some aquatic plants. First of all, find fancy glass vessel. It could be a pot, sugar bowl, salad bowl or simple glass. It just depends on your creativity. Pour some water in the bottom and put some balls fertilizer. If you don’t have a bright room, you can use a handy neat lamp for brighter look of your composition.

Now we come to the aquarium plants.  We take stems from our aquarium or we can buy in the store. Well suited are the plants that we have grown out of the aquarium. But don’t panic. We can take stems from water too. Put more water in your glass and cover aquarium plants. In the near future they will grow above the water. Plants transferred from the water, have problems with acclimatization (can dry). However, the plants moved from land to water, will have a well in our aquarium. If you provide humidity for the first few days of our glass vessel, they will be fine.

Select species that can grow both in water and above the water. Such compositions look good in modern homes.

Bacopa amplexicaulis in glassGive them a natural element and bring bright pure colors into the room.I encourage you to do the green zone in your home, maybe in the future, it may spill over into the aquarium interest.

Especially at a time when the population lives in large cities. Many people lost in looking at the computer monitor. Aquarium fish and aquarium plants will help our eyes to rest for a while.








Some species that we can use for this:


Eleocharis acicularis – Dwarf hairgrass

Eleocharis acicularis - Dwarf hairgrass










Elatine hydropiper – Waterwort

Elatine hydropiper - Waterwort









Bacopa caroliniana ( Bacopa amplexicaulis )

bacopa amplexicaulis