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A general description

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Lileopsis We buy mostly loose Lilaeopsis. Planted in clumps in mineral wool  ( see photo ) or planted in basket with mineral wool ( see photo ). Before plant Lileaopsis we should wash seedlings in cold water. We remove residues minerals and dirt. Before planting the seedlings should be rinsed in cold water up to remove any residual mineral salts and any dirt. Lilaeopsis we multiply by dividing branches.
It is the most effective method of reproduction in the home. Allows you to quickly find the appropriate amount of plants that can fill the tank. On a large scale Lileopsis reproduced in vitro. This is a special mode of reproduction, when in a short time we can get a large number of seedlings.

After this initial preparation we remove leftover wool runners and cut into pieces. In preparing bundles of seedlings of three. On picture is a fragment of runners with green leaves and roots. Runners cut between them.

Seedlings can be planted singly or in bundles of 3 pieces at intervals of 3-4 centimeters. Seedlings we place in the wells that were previously done with your finger or a stick. So that the roots are in the soil.

It’s a bit tedious job but ensures rapid sodding tank area designated for that aquarium plant.If you do not care about form of carpet you can plant the whole clump of plants in the desired location. Without any cuts. Soon the plant will disperse to the sides. Creating green carpet every once in a larger space. During the growth of plants can not cut like other lawn plants. Only what we can do to limit its growth by removing excess plants.

What effect you can expect, you can see on the pictures.


Lilaeopsis also blooms. Plant bloom when grow on paludaraium. Under the water, do not bloom. Inflorescences of Lilaeopsis are inconspicuous and very small.

Well you can see it in the picture. From short stalk grows a few small flowers. They have small flowers but a lot. Flowering Lilaeopsis is of no practical use. Does not collect the seeds to be sown. Plants propagated vegetatively or in vitro.



As previously discussed, plants propagated from branches. Branches spread over the surface of the ground or near the surface. Over time, as the plant begins to overgrow the tank. We transplant branch and plant more densely. When creating a new lawn in a different place or a different aquarium plants with better cutting edge carpet. Lileopsis branches look like you see on the attached picture.

Commercial material

The basic material is commercially grown in potted plants in rockwool. What are the plants we sell is visible in the pictures.

In such a convenient substrate plants produce a strong root system. Suitable conditions for breeding make the aquarist or wholesaler shall plant dense and strong. Future planting these plants does not cause problems. In contrast to the plants taken out of the ground. Plants in baskets do not have a damaged root system and continue to further growth in the new aquarium.