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Goldfish want eat aquarium plant

Many aqaurist have problem with goldfish that eating aquarium plants. Yes this is a problem, but when we think from the other site. Goldfsih like aquarium plants. Them grow healthy and gain beautiful colors. Best plants are this witch grow fast and are eaten with pleasure by fish. Do not forget about the fact that these plants must also be appealing to the eye of the owner aquarium.

A good start outside the aquarium plants are algae. We can put some rock in basinet with water  and put in the sun. In few weeks our rock will be covered in algae. Put this rock in your fish tank and many species of fish will be love this. Another option is to buy marimo ball, also know as moss ball. You can buy some marimo balls in our store. Moss ball are great source of food for our goldfish and other fish also shrimps. They never eat it all. Especially it looks great in aquarium.

Returning to aquarium plants. Here are some examples.

Black moor want eat aquarium plant

Aponogeton madascarensis and boivianus – is kind of bulb plant, in my aquarium growing so fast that my red caps never eat a whole.

Floating plant – Riccia fluitans, java moss and many aquarium plants that grow floating in water. We can cut some species and put in the water. Goldfish will eat this plant.





goldfish eat aquarium plantForeground plants – Many species we can grow in front of aquarium, they are small and grow fast. Some examples:  Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae, Eleocharis vivipara, Eleocharis acicularis, Glosostigma and many  others.

Echinodorus sp. – especially small new leafs. There are many species that have soft stems like a Cabomba, Elodea canadensis, Myriophyllum. They are also good food for our life freshwater fish. Best to find a genre that should not cause us a lot of work. So they do not chase after our pets.